Salinas Rodeo


Reproduction from an original painting printed on 11″ X 14″ Aqueous Fine Art Paper.
The dimensions of the image itself are  9″ X 12″ with 1″ of whitespace border on all sides.

The printed sheet fits in a standard 11” X 14″ frame with or without a mat.

(Does not include frame or mat)



A friend got us tickets for VIP seats at the Salinas Rodeo one year. Who knew rodeos had VIP sections? We were opposite the calf roping chutes close enough to taste the dust. From that vantage point with the calf running directly at us,  I captured an action photo which I was able to paint as a watercolor. The number of ropes and the complexity of the task are impressive. It wouldn’t surprise me when the dust clears to see the cowboy laying on the ground roped and tied.