Chicken II


Reproduction from an original watercolor painting printed on 11″ X 14″ Aqueous Fine Art Paper.The dimensions of the image itself are  9″ X 12″ with 1″ of whitespace border on all sides.

The printed sheet fits in a standard 11” X 14″ frame with, or without, a mat.

(Does not include frame or mat)



This is my second attempt at painting this beautiful bird. It showed up on our street one day as my daughter was passing by.  The only logical thing to do – in my daughter’s view – was to bring the chicken home where we gathered around and took a few pictures in the backyard before releasing it unharmed back on the street.  There, the chicken walked off confidently and didn’t even look back. I’m sure it knew exactly where it was going but we’ll never know why the chicken crossed the road in the first place.